Lightroom Workshop:

“I signed up for Jon’s Lightroom class with very little working knowledge of LR. I walked away from this all day class with more knowledge and insight to photography than I expected. While the topic was Lightroom, the side conversations were just as amazing and insightful. When I walked away from there, not only did my workflow process improve and save me so much time, so did my everyday shooting skills improve. Jon is very knowledgeable and very kind with his time. He is always available for questions.”

Bob Carney    http://www.deepcreekphotos.com


“Jon’s Lightroom workshop was very informative and helped me to learn the basics of this powerful program and set me up with the fundamentals to explore some of the more complex functions on my own. Jon was very thorough in his explanations and his hands on help with questions made sure that we all left the workshop with a very concrete knowledge of the program.”

Shane Henderson     http://www.hendersongdi.com


From former students on lighting:

“During my time spent studying lighting under Jon Lisbon, I learned valuable technical skills, practices, and setups that I still use to this day. However, I gained so much more than just that. The knowledge I attained through Jon has helped me to be a more confident, capable photographer who can better think on her feet and adjust to various lighting scenarios and challenges, quickly and proficiently. As an educator and maestro of light, Jon Lisbon is truly second to none.”

Lexi Shapiro http://www.posepgh.com


“I give much credit to Jon Lisbon in regards to my success in photography. I studied under him for several years. During that time he taught me much in regards to lighting and business. He pushed me to work harder and improve my skills. He is still my “go to” professional when I have questions about the industry and my next career steps. Jon is truly an amazing photographer and instructor.”

Lauren Loncar       http://www.laurenloncar.com


“Thanks to Jon Lisbon, I can now walk on site and creatively light my subjects and surroundings with little technical thought process on how to get the job done. From what Jon has taught me and with practice using his teachings, the technical aspects of lighting are now second nature. Jon’s synthesis of the technical and creative gives one the confidence to use light as an expressive tool.”

Dan Dexter




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