Lightroom Workshop


Where: Jon Lisbon Portraits LLC, The Mine Factory (Jon Lisbon 412-638-1479)

When: To be announced

Price: $185 (discount for previous ACPL students, email for details)

Some of the topics covered:

How a digital sensor captures light.

Outline of an effective digital workflow.

What is color space?

Effective cross platform naming conventions.

The practice of redundant back-ups.

Location of LR catalog(s) and application and organizing a LR database for ease and speed.

One catalog vs. multi catalog organization.

Setting initial preferences.

Importing procedures.

Importance of metadata and keywording

Review of all the tools in the Lightroom Library module to keep your database organized in a way that works for you.

Understanding the processing tools in the development module.


Benefits of workshop:

  1. Having a consistent approach to digital file management and organization will save you hours of time and enable you to find any image you have ever made in a mater of seconds!
  2. Lightroom offers the technical advantage of parametric image editing (totally non-destructive editing) of your raw digital files. Remarkable creative control over your images without the need to learn more complex software like Photoshop.
  3. How to get the best quality files out of your digital camera.


What a student would need to bring to this class:

  1. Their own desktop or laptop computer with LR 4 or 5 already installed.
  2. An external hard-drive (new or empty), which will be dedicated to your digital database of images. You can use an external hard-drive that already has other data on it, but the best method for organization is to have a hard-drive that is dedicated only to your digital database. I will demonstrate a set-up for both a new hard-drive and organizing a hard-drive with already existing data.
  3. A selection of 20 to 30 Raw files (jpgs would be okay if your camera does not shoot Raw)
  4. Pen and paper for note taking.
  5. Lots of energy and curiosity.

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